PSX2VEC - Playstation controller adapter for the Vectrex

The PSX2VEC is a Playstation 1 or Playstation 2 joystick adapter for the Vectrex. It supports analog controllers, allowing for a Twin Stick configuration for a full "Robotron-like" experience!

Buttons are mapped as follows:

Normal buttons mode:

Square: P1B1
Cross: P1B4
Circle: P1B3
Triangle: P1B2
L1: P2B1
L2: P2B4
R2: P2B3
R1: P2B2

Alt buttons mode:

Square / L1: P1B1
Cross / L2: P1B4
Circle / R2: P1B3
Triangle / R1: P1B2

Select: Toggle between Alt and Normal button modes

D-Pad: P1 Stick (absolute values)
Left Analog Stick: P1 Stick
Right Analog Stick: P2 Stick

The PSX2VEC can be used in conjunction with the RetroPad32 in order to allow the connection of a multitude of controllers to the Vectrex.