Simple Disk Catalog .Net

A freeware/opensource disk catalog software with a powerful search engine and data exporting capabilites!

You can download latest version of SDC.Net ( here

If you don't have it already installed on your PC, you will need .Net Framerowk 2.0 (freeware ~20MB). You can download it here

Source code (Visual C# 2008 Express) can be downloaded here

Use this tool if you need to convert older Simple Disk Catalog 1.0c files (CATALOGOS.FDB) to the newest SDC.Net catalog format (SDC.FDB).

Here goes the transcript of the readme file:

SDC.Net - Simple Disk Catalog .Net
(C)12/2007 - Bruno Freitas
This software is FREEWARE! :-)

What is SDC.Net?

The short answer would be: "It's a file/disks catalog". But, SDC.Net is a
little bit more than that!

Just imagine you own a great collection of CD-R's, Zip Disks, DVD-ROMs, hard
disks and there are tons of programs, data, documents, files and music recorded
on them. Now imagine you want to find a certain file, program or music which is
recorded in any of these disks, and you have no idea in which disk they are!
Does it look hard for you? It's not anymore!! Now you have Simple Disk Catalog!

Simple Disk Catalog scans your disks deeply and generates a catalog of each
one in a database. This catalog contains all the directory tree of your disks
and it permits you to browse them as if you were browsing them through Windows

SDC.Net has an exclusie search tool, because it works pretty much like those
search engines from Internet, like Google! By using this search tool, it's pos-
ble to you locate any file which is in any of your disks just in matter of se-
conds! It's even possible to search inside compressed files!! You won't need to
remember in which disk is your files anymore, because you have SDC.Net now!

Compressed files are scanned by SDC.Net as well! This way, you can catalog all
the contents of each compressed file and search for files which are inside ar-
chives! SDC.Net is the disk catalog software that supports the greatest number of
compressed files formats: ZIP, RAR, TAR, JAR, 7Z.

Is it just another disk catalog software?

No, in my humble opinion. I decided to develop SDC.Net because I couldn't find
good FREEWARE softwares for disk catalogging. Among the softwares I got, many
of them had a bunch of spywares and adwares, and that let me very angry.
Another ones had "unfriendly" graphical interface and didn't support compressed
files very well.

These were the basic motivations that led me to develop Simple Disk Catalog.
I didn't want to spend $20,00 for a disk catalog software and I didn't want my
computer get infested by spywares. And to make sure that nobody else will need
to face these situations, I decided to make SDC.Net available absolutely FOR FREE!!

A very good software, and FOR FREE? Are you crazy?

Yes, I am crazy!! :-P

SDC.Net doesn't work, what can I do?

In the case you have troubles or doubts abot SDC.Net, please contact the author
by email or access and
post your message in the blog!

Suggestions and thanks are welcome as well! ;-)

Thanks goes to:

:. Thanks goes to Eduardo Leite for the HTML export and zip file support!
:. Thanks to Lucas Lorentz Lara for 7-Zip file support!
:. FireBird SQL - A powerful Open Source relational database

Bruno Freitas