SGCExplorer - Sega Genesis Cartridge Explorer

SGCExplorer is a Sega Genesis cartridge reader/writer based on the Teensy++ development board. It's the natural evolution of the ArDUMPino!

SGCExplorer allows you to read and write from/to any region of the cartridge. Pretty much every cartridge pin is accessible directly from the Teensy++ board, except for the address pins which must be accessed via 3 chained shift register.

It offers you a serial command line interface, so you can input commands interactively.

Read and write routines try to mimic the same behavior of the Sega Genesis when reading/writing to cartridge, so this has proven to be a valuable tool for reading cartridges with special protection and bankswitching mechanisms.

SGCExplorer is opensource/open-hardware.

Eagle schematics and board can be downloaded here.

SGCExplorer source code can be downloaded here (Last update: 02/27/2013).

Teensy serial driver for Windows can be downloaded here

Small Python script to convert hex strings to binary.

A neat client written by DrMefisto that supports Lua language: