RetroPad32 - The 32-bit ARM based joystick adapter

The RetroPad32 adapter is a joystick adapter compatible with several classic controllers from those good old beloved systems such as the Sega Genesis, Super NES, NES, Sega Saturn, and others.

PSX2VEC - Playstation controller adapter for the Vectrex

The PSX2VEC is a Playstation 1 or Playstation 2 joystick adapter for the Vectrex. It supports analog controllers, allowing for a Twin Stick configuration for a full "Robotron-like" experience!

MD2PCE - Sega Genesis controller adapter for TG16/PC-Engine and USB

MD2PCE is an adapter that allows you to connect Sega Genesis controllers to the TurboGrafx16, PC-Engine and also PC via USB (XInput).

RetroPad32 Multi-Out Add-on Board



Connect modern and old controllers to older consoles with the RetroPad32 + Multi-Out Add-on Board!

USB2Classic - USB controllers adapter for retro consoles!

This project is Open Source (GPLv3) and Open Hardware (CC BY-SA 4.0)

RetroPad32 USB Input Module

The RetroPad32 USB Input Module is a plug-in device that connects to the DB15 port of the RetroPad32 Adapter and opens the world of USB input devices to the classic and modern console systems!

STM32 HID Bootloader

I've just discovered the wonders of the 32-bit ARM Cortex M3 through a super-cheap development board known as the "Blue Pill".

KBD2SNES Adapter

Ever wanted to connect a PC keyboard to your Super NES so you can play games like on the PC? Never, right? :D

Anyways, now you can! :P

PSX RetroPad Adapter

And the "RetroPad Adapter" family has got a new member: the PSX RetroPad Adapter!

Now you'll be able to use the good old classic controllers with your PS/PS2 or with any other thing that supports PS/PS2 controllers via adapter cables. To name a few systems that supports PS/PS2 controllers via adapters: NES, SNES, Saturn, XBOX360 and others (see here and here for adapters).

SGCExplorer - Sega Genesis Cartridge Explorer

SGCExplorer is a Sega Genesis cartridge reader/writer based on the Teensy++ development board. It's the natural evolution of the ArDUMPino!

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