SimpleFE - Simple Emulator FrontEnd

Click image below to download latest version (1.0) of SimpleFE!

Some history

After trying several (free and not free) frontend emulators, I got very disappointed. First, because they always lacked some feature I was looking for. Second, because I didn't want to pay to get the missing features (I would pay if I would get all features I wanted).

So I decided for the "do it for yourself" way. And SimpleFE was born! :)

I created it for personal use only, so it's very simple, but contains the features I was chasing for weeks. So I decided to make it public (and FREEWARE), so maybe it will be useful to other people as it's being to me!

SimpleFE current features are:

:. Supports any (or almost) emulator that supports command line parameters

:. You can control everything (even exit from games and switch between emulators) from joystick, so you don't have to get up from you comfortable couch ;)

:. Supports GoodMerge packages (ROMs compressed in 7-Zip format).

:. It won't cost you a dime! ;)

You can download the latest version by clicking in the following link:

SimpleFE 1.0

Currently tested emulators (I will add more once I have them tested):

:. Game Boy (Color, Normal and GBA): Visual Boy Advance 1.7.2

:. Game Gear and Master System: Fusion 3.5.1

:. Mega Drive/Genesis: Gens 2.12b

:. NES: Nestopia 1.3.7

:. Super NES: snes9x 1.51

Additional screenshots

Happy gaming!