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You can download the complete package by clicking here (Latest version: 1.0d).

Here goes a copy of the readme.txt file contained inside the package:

IM Café - A Java Based Instant Messaging System v1.0
(C)08/2004 - Bruno Freitas
This software is released under MIT License.
See COPYING file for further informations!

What IM Café is?

IM Café is a complete solution for deploying a private (LAN/WAN) Instant
Messaging System. It is made of a Server (IMCafeServer.jar) and a Client (
IMCafeClient.jar) application and it was completely written in Java, so it
can be used over several operating systems supported by Java Technology (Linux,
Window, MacOS X, Solaris, etc...).

The Server application does use FireBird, an OpenSource Relational Database
System, which is very powerfull and can be used over many operating systems as

What do I need to run the IM Café Server?

You will need a copy of the FireBird DataBase System. As soon as you have
the DBMS installed and started, you can generate the database file (imcafe.gdb)
by running the following commando over the Database\imcafe.sql file:

isql -i imcafe.sql

Oh! Don't forget do install the Java Runtime Environment System too! :-)

After you have created the imcafe.gdb file, you can start the IM Café server
by running a command similar to the following:

java -jar IMCafeServer.jar localhost "C:\IMCafe\Database\imcafe.gdb" SYSDBA masterkey 1508

If you want a description of every parameter and about the program usage,
just type the following:

java -jar IMCafeServer.jar

If the server was successfully started, you will see some messages like these:

IM Cafe - The Server v1.0
Copyright(c) 08/2004 - Bruno Freitas -
JayBird 1.0.1 FireBird JDBC Driver already embedded in this server.

Starting server program...
Server is up and running!

What do I need to run the IM Café Client?

All you need to run the IM Café Client software is the Java Runtime Environment
and the IMCafeClient.jar application.

If your .jar files are already associated with .jar files, just double click the
IMCafeClient.jar file, then the program screen will appear.

The first thing you'll need to do is to configure the program. To do so, just
click MENU button then choose option. Type the IM Café Server name or IP address
and the connection port (1508 is default). Click the save button.

Now you'll have to register a new IM Café user at IM Café Server. To do so,
click the MENU button then choose "Register a new user" option. Just fill in all
the required informations then click the ADD button. You will then receive a message
with you new ID number. Keep this number because you will need it to log in the server.

Finally, you can now log in at your IM Café private network. Click the MENU button,
then choose the "Connect" option. Type you ID number and you password. If this is your
first time logon, your contact list will be empty. To add some contacts, you will need
to know their ID numbers and add them by choosing the "Add a new contact" in MENU.

Final Words!

Well... I think this is all you need to know for getting your private IM network
running. If I miss something or you have any doubts about this project, please, send
me an email. My email address is:

This software is the first "little big" project of a "Java Newbie". This software
is is released under MIT License.

All improvements, suggestions and ideas will be welcome!

Bruno Freitas