RetroVGA Scanlines Generator

NEW: RetroVGA 2

RetroVGA 2 is now released! It comes with 3 individual trimpots so you can adjust scanlines intensity!

Are you an avid retro-gamer who misses the good old times of CRT TVs when playing video-games? Do you feel that retro-games don't look good on LCD TVs? If you answered YES for any of the previous questions then probably you may want to check out RetroVGA ScanLines Generator!

RetroVGA is an adapter that connects between your PC VGA port (or any console capable of output VGA signal either natively or through some cable/adapter) and your LCD TV/Monitor and generates scanlines, bringing the feel of the good old TVs to modern screens!

Scanlines are generated by hardware, not software, so even if your favourite game or emulator doesn't provide a scanlines "filter", you'd still get this nice effect very accuratelly.

Take a look on how a retro-game looks like in modern LCD screens:

Too pixely, huh?

Now, this is the effect you get when you are using RetroVGA on a LCD TV/Monitor:

Smells like old CRT TV, right? :)

This is a picture of the RetroVGA board:

RetroVGA board with the acrylic case:

And now a picture of the new RetroVGA 2 board:

It's self-powered from the VGA cable and you are free to play with the 4 switches at your will without being afraid of getting things fried!

The four switches in the board are:

ON/OFF: Turns the scanlines effect ON/OFF

EVEN/ODD: Tells the board to draw only ODD or EVEN scanlines

WIDTH: Tells the board to draw double (thicker) or single scanlines

VSYNC: Inverts VSYNC signal. Need to change it when you're using a VGA resolution different than 640x480@60Hz or 1024x768@60Hz, otherwise scanlines won't work.

RetroVGA is open-hardware released under CC-SA license. You can download Eagle 5.x schematics here

RetroVGA 2 Eagle 5.x schematics can be downloaded here

If you need a ready-to-use board, you can buy one from

Thanks goes out to:

- sharksym for the original circuit
- Toodles for some improvements over the original circuit

Happy retro-gaming (with scanlines)! :)


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