RetroVGA Scanlines Generator

NEW: RetroVGA 2

RetroVGA 2 is now released! It comes with 3 individual trimpots so you can adjust scanlines intensity!

Wii RetroPad Adapter (3-in-1 Wiimote Adapter)

Wii RetroPad 2 is finally out! :)

Check it out here!

ArDUMPino - Game cartridge ROM reader based on Arduino

ArDUMPino - Game cartridge ROM reader based on Arduino

FCEUltra port for PSP

FCEU-PSP - An OpenSource port of FCEUltra (NES emulator) for PSP
(c)2009 -

Simple Disk Catalog .Net

A freeware/opensource disk catalog software with a powerful search engine and data exporting capabilites!

You can download latest version of SDC.Net ( here

If you don't have it already installed on your PC, you will need .Net Framerowk 2.0 (freeware ~20MB). You can download it here

Source code (Visual C# 2008 Express) can be downloaded here

Use this tool if you need to convert older Simple Disk Catalog 1.0c files (CATALOGOS.FDB) to the newest SDC.Net catalog format (SDC.FDB).

SimpleFE - Simple Emulator FrontEnd

Click image below to download latest version (1.0) of SimpleFE!

Some history

After trying several (free and not free) frontend emulators, I got very disappointed. First, because they always lacked some feature I was looking for. Second, because I didn't want to pay to get the missing features (I would pay if I would get all features I wanted).

PGEN 1.5.1 - A Genesis/Mega Drive emulator for PS2

Here is a new version/fix for the great PGEN emulator.

HDD MegaPack BR 9

PSPSDK Easy Pack

Você sempre se interessou por programação de computadores? Já pensou em criar seus próprios aplicativos para o poderoso portátil Sony PSP mas nunca soube por onde começar? Então a partir de agora você já pode começar a criá-los, pois você acabou de obter tudo que você precisa: PSPSDK Easy Pack!

Novo layout para o site!

Cansado da mesmice do phpBB, resolvi mudar um pouco a cara do site!

Espero que gostem!



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