PSX RetroPad Adapter

And the "RetroPad Adapter" family has got a new member: the PSX RetroPad Adapter!

Now you'll be able to use the good old classic controllers with your PS/PS2 or with any other thing that supports PS/PS2 controllers via adapter cables. To name a few systems that supports PS/PS2 controllers via adapters: NES, SNES, Saturn, XBOX360 and others (see here and here for adapters).

The classic controllers you'll be able to use with the PSX RetroPad Adapter are:

:. Sega Genesis (Mega Drive), Sega Master System and Atari 2600 controllers

:. NES controller

:. SNES controller

:. PS/PS2 controller (kinda doesn't make sense, but it supports it anyways :P)

:. Neo Geo CD controller

:. Sega Saturn Digital controller

:. Nintendo Game Cube controller

:. Nintendo 64 controller

:. TurboGrafx 16 controller

:. Nintendo Wii Classic Controller (NEW!)

It uses the same Extension Cables used by the Wii RetroPad Adapter and the USB RetroPad Adapter!

Classic Retro Controllers on the XBOX 360! Finally!

You've heard it right! Now it's possible to use the classic controllers above on the XBOX 360 using the PSX RetroPad Adapter and an adapter like :

As for the PS3, please remember that the USB RetroPad Adapter already nativelly supports it! :)

How to get it

This project is Opensource/Openhardware. Anyone can download the sources and schematics from

Despite the fact the project is Free and Open, and everyone is invited to get the schematics and source code, there are people who don't want (or don't know how) to mess with PCBs, soldering and electronic components. For people like that, I have some ready-to-use adapters for sell, so if you are interested, you can visit!

Happy retro-gaming!