RetroFi Adapter - Low-Latency 2.4G Wireless Multiplayer Joystick Adapter

The RetroFi Adapter allows you to wirelessly connect up to 4 classic controllers/joysticks to your favorite gaming machine (including PCs, Raspberry Pi, Nintendo Switch and, of course, the MiSTer FPGA).

It features a blazing fast low-latency 2.4G wireless connection so you won't miss the jump on that very first Goomba in Super Mario Bros! :)

Note: The 2.4G controller adapter modules can also be used as low-latency (~0.7ms) USB adapters when plugged in directly to an USB host device such as a MiSTer FPGA, PC, Raspberry Pi or Nintendo Switch. In this case, the 2.4G wireless interface will be disabled and the USB Master Module (2.4G Receiver) becomes optional!

The round-trip wireless average latency is as low as ~1.6ms, which already includes the sub-millisecond latency from the USB connection.

Performance numbers for several USB and wireless controllers/adapters can be found here.

The RetroFi Adapter is completely Plug-and-Play and no controllers modification is required!

The USB Master Module will show up as 4 USB controllers when connected to the host device. It features the same low-latency USB stack (<1ms) of the RetroPad32.

Once the RetroFi USB Master Module is plugged in, you're free to use any of the available classic controllers modules with it, which will instantly allow you to connect up to 4 original controllers wirelessly to your gaming device.

N64 4-Players 2.4G Module:

SNES 4-Players 2.4G Module:

NES 4-Players 2.4G Module:

NeoGeo 4-Players 2.4G Module:

Additional modules for other controllers will be released soon!

Sega Genesis/SMS/Atari2600 DB9 4-Players 2.4G Module:

Additional modules for other controllers will be released soon!

The USB Master Module comes with a USB data cable and the controller specific modules include a USB power cable for easily connecting to a power bank (not included).

No more accidents involving small kids and/or pets while playing with your wired classic controllers! :)

Firmware updates can be found here

The RetroFi Adapter can be purchased at my eShop!