KADE miniArcade 2.0

The KADE Team is proud to announce the beta release of the miniArcade 2.0 Mapper program and PCB fabrication files.

Official thread at BYOAC forums: http://forum.arcadecontrols.com/index.php/topic,154126.0.html

Huge THANK YOU to Scott Hutchinson (PL1) for all the help during the development phase!



Ubuntu 64-bit:

Is miniArcade 2.0 Open Source?
KADE miniArcade 2.0 Mapper application, KADE miniArcade 2.0 daughterboard and KADE Multi-Out PCB gerber files are offered as-is at no cost (freeware) but they are not open-source nor open-hardware.

What does Mapper do?
It allows you to program a 32u4 AVR to work with a variety of arcade-style controls.

What AVR and bootloader do I need?
MiniArcade 2.0 is designed to work with a wide variety of boards.

Any 32u4 AVR with DFU (FLIP) bootloader + 16Mhz crystal like the MattairTech MT-DB-U4 will work automatically with Mapper.
("Atmel DFU bootloader" will work too, but requires a pullup resistor on E2/B)

The MT-DB-U4 is a perfect pin-for-pin match for the miniArcade 2.0 daughterboard.

To use 32u4 AVRs with other bootloaders, you need to be able to be able to upload a firmware hex file and an EEPROM hex file to the board. (currently working on procedures for Arduino and Teensy 2.0 boards)

How many input ports are available?
Mapper has 47 available Button Mapping IDs. (0-46)
The Button Mapping ID "Input As" indicates which of the 24 Normal input ports or 23 Shifted input ports (Shift + B7 is reserved for Shift Lock) will trigger the related output.

What controls work with miniArcade 2.0?
Digital (microswitch)
- Joystick
- Pushbutton
- Pedal
- Mechanical rotary (Ikari Warriors) joystick
Analog (potentiometer)
- Joystick
- Star Wars yoke
- 270 degree steering wheel
- Pedal
- Pong/Warlords paddle

What systems does it connect to?
- Generic USB/HID Joypad (USB cable)
- Generic USB/HID Keyboard (USB cable)
- NES/SNES (KADE Multi-Out expansion board)
- Genesis (KADE Multi-Out expansion board) -- 3-button stick (original or second gen. console)
- MSX (KADE Multi-Out expansion board)
- Neo Geo AES (KADE Multi-Out expansion board)
- GameCube/Nintendo64 (custom RJ-45 cable)
- PS1/PS2 (custom RJ-45 cable) -- this also allows you to connect to 3DO, Dreamcast, Famicom, Famicom (clone), MegaDrive / Master System, Saturn, Turbo Grafx 16, Xbox 360, and other consoles using commercially available adapter cables
- PS3 (USB cable)
- Wii/WiiU/NES Classic (custom RJ-45 cable)
- WiiU (USB cable)
- Xbox (USB cable + female USB to joystick port adapter cable)

Where can I get the miniArcade 2.0 daughterboard and KADE Multi-Out expansion board?
The distro packages at the top of this post have the PCB fabrication (gerber) files in the "\docs\gerbers\" folder.

The User Guide in "\docs\" has links to PCB fabrication houses and the necessary components.

You're free to make boards using the PCB gerber files provided and sell those PCBs if you wish.

One of the fabrication houses has a "10 boards for 10 bucks" deal.

If you don't want to bother with fabricating the daughterboard, you can use header pins or solder wires directly to your AVR board.

If you don't want to bother with fabricating the multi-out board, you can build the circuit on a prototype board or solderless breadboard. (use the gerber files to determine the necessary connections)

You can also purchase ready-to-use units at my eShop!